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Why Do We Celebrate Rama Navami?

Why Do We Celebrate Rama Navami?

Why do we celebrate Rama Navami? What is Ram Navami auspicious day? What can we eat on Ram Navami? When did Rama get converted into a Hindu festival? What is the background of this day and what is it all about?

Why do we celebrate Rama Navami

When Lord Krishna was born in Ujjain, Rama got converted to Jainism. The Pandavas went to Heaven, but after they were reborn as human beings, they visited India again and established their rule over everything. When Vaiya king of Magadh converted to Buddhism, Rama was given as a gift by king Sita. He was known as the Sage by whom Sita grew in wisdom. Hence we have Rama Navami meaning ‘the sage who gave enlightenment to Sita’.

On the whole, the festival of Rama Navami is celebrated with a lot of vigor all across the country and the world. We see people donning kameezes and doing pranayama and we also hear a lot about the great deeds and virtue of rama. Why don’t we celebrate this day with same feelings and fervor that we show on the other days of Rama Navami? Let us extend the blessings of lord Ram through this auspicious day of our country!

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